We offer multi-disciplinary supervision groups for both counsellors and psychotherapists.
We have limited places in supervision groups which have been organised as male only, female only and both male and female.
For a variety of reasons many men and women will welcome the opportunity to explore the detailed issues of therapeutic work in single sex groups.
Others will prefer the opportunity to work with those from the opposite sex while examining issues appropriate for therapeutic supervision.
Each of these supervision groups is limited to six people only.
We wish to encourage students and practicing psychotherapists in growing their understanding of psychotherapy.

By offering the opportunity for detailed discussion of case work, listening carefully to one another and exploring each others reactions we will provide an unequaled learning environment. One that is not based on competitiveness or intellectual assertiveness and which allows each individual practitioner their own space and pace to grow.

Drawing on our wealth of experience and knowledge we enable our fellow practitioners to find their own insights into the work they embark on.
At the same time there is always a place for the insights afforded by theory.

Carefully weaving together these two areas we will expand the frontiers of our understanding.

The Clinic also wants to expand it’s ability to refer to fellow professionals.
You are invited to contact the Director, Adam Saltiel, as we encourage people with a variety of skilled backgrounds to do so.

email: Adam Saltiel