The Clinic

We wish to encourage students and practising psychotherapists in growing their understanding of psychotherapy.

By offering the opportunity for detailed discussion of case work, listening carefully to one another and exploring each other’s reactions we will provide an unequalled learning environment. One that is not based on competitiveness or intellectual assertiveness and which allows each individual practitioner their own space and pace to grow.

We also offer a referral service and work with many qualified professionals.

Here we make careful assessments of each individual, their needs and what sort of therapeutic work could benefit them.

There are openings for fellow professionals to join this referral network.

Professional People

Adam Saltiel

Competencies in working with a spectrum of troubling issues: sexual, compulsive, obsessive, depression, lingering sadness, known as depression, anxiety and frequent or unmanageable feelings of vulnerability and fear.

Working with problems that manifest between someone and their partner, husband and wife, as well as between people in a family (mother and father, parents and child).

Over thirty five years experience.

Julia Saltiel

Extensive experience in difficult and complex cases including childhood abuse and deprivation.

Such distressing experiences manifest in different ways, as anorexia and other eating disorders, unmanageable moods, chaotic thinking and behaviour.

Julia has over years thirty five experience, during which she has worked in therapeutic communities, hospitals and with individuals.